Mission Statement/Creed

We believe that EVERYONE is entitled to equal justice under the law. Equal access to petition the courts of law to address grievances is a fundamental American right. Everyone accused by the government of committing a crime has an absolute constitutional right to be zealously represented by skilled counsel.

It is our pledge to provide high quality legal services to all of our clients. We remain mindful that we work for our clients and are beholden to them for our livelihoods. The atmosphere, and conduct, in our office will always be very professional. We are cognizant that time is a very valuable resource. We are committed to starting our appointments with our clients on time and conducting them in a timely manner. We commit to practice law in a professional manner and with the highest level of integrity. We pledge to do so in a timely manner and charge fair and reasonable rates. We endeavor not to agree to practice law in areas that we are totally unqualified or unfamiliar with. However, we are also committed to a willingness to consider new areas of practice or taking on novel cases. We vow to never back down from a challenge simply because of its complexity or uniqueness. We are committed to providing some of our legal services to the indigent at reduced rates and also on a pro bono basis. We vow to never refuse a client or his/her cause based upon race/ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disabilities, political beliefs or public opinion. We believe that diversity and inclusion must be important to those with whom we do business. We make a concerted effort to spend a significant portion of our funds with minority and female owned businesses and vendors. However, we expect excellent service from all with whom we invest our resources.