Lake Charles, Louisiana Family and Divorce Attorneys

Todd Clemons & Associates diligently represent clients in all aspects of family law, including each area listed below. Please read further to learn more, or contact us by phone or online to schedule a consultation. Our Lake Charles family attorneys serve clients in Lafayette, Calcasieu Parish and throughout Louisiana.


Divorce in the State of Louisiana can be legally filed before or after the date of your separation from your spouse. If you have children born of the marriage, then your time period to obtain a divorce will be assessed by the court.

Child Custody / Support

Child custody and support can be a complex matter. Family means everything to us and we want to make the transition from marriage to divorce easy on your child. Finding an agreement that works for both sides is our goal. Louisiana courts determine child support based on a number of important factors, including the respective ability of each party to pay and the needs of the child. We have experience working with the courts on child custody and support matters. Whether we are mediating or litigating your custody and support cases, we work for the best arrangements possible.

Juvenile Law

Juvenile law means that your child is involved in the criminal justice system. We understand this is a high pressure time for you and your family, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice high quality legal services for your child’s legal representation.

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