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Todd Clemons & Associates is proud to have achieved positive outcomes for many deserving clients. Please keep in mind that the success of any lawsuit or settlement depends on the unique circumstances of each case. We cannot guarantee future results based on past successes we have achieved.

State of Louisiana vs. Jeremy George

Jeremy George was accused of raping, beating and threatening to kill a woman in February 2015. Attorney Todd S. Clemons represented Jeremy in the trial of this matter in January of 2017. A jury cleared Jeremy on the charge of aggravated Rape. Attorney Todd S. Clemons stated, “It is my pleasure to represent Jeremy George and we are extremely pleased with the jury’s verdicts. On behalf of my client and his family, we want to thank the jury for their hard work… Read More

State of Louisiana vs. Dameon Fusilier

Attorney Todd S. Clemons zealously represented Mr. Dameon Fusilier when he was on trial for Impersonating a Peace Officer. After the trial commenced, the jury of six only deliberated for 22 minutes before returning a Not Guilty verdict. Mr. Clemons stated, “To have such a short deliberation clearly shows that one, they clearly believed my client, and secondly, the state had a very, very weak case.” Read More

State of Louisiana vs. Ramus Benoit

At the age of 17, Ramus J. Benoit was convicted of murdering Gene Madden in Calcasieu Parish in 1981. Ramus was sentenced to life in prison. After serving 35 years in Angola, Ramus Benoit was able to be released after a U.S Supreme Court Ruling stating that it was unconstitutional for a juvenile to face a life sentence without parole. Attorney Todd S. Clemons worked closely with the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office in order to get Mr. Benoit releas… Read More

K.P. Auto Sales, Inc. vs. ADG, LLC

In February 2005, ADG entered into a written agreement with K.P. Auto Sales to assign all of its rights and obligations under an already entered leased agreement for improvements on a property. As a part of that agreement KP Auto Sales was responsible for paying all real property taxes including assessments for local improvements, merchandise, inventory, fixtures, etc. As a result, KP Auto Sales paid all applicable taxes each year and, in turn, ADG agreed to re… Read More

State of Louisiana vs. Woodrow Karey

The state Supreme Court determined in July 2017 that a Lake Charles man, Woodrow Karey, Jr., accused of fatally shooting pastor Ronald Harris, 51, during a revival service at Tabernacle of Praise in 2013 will be charged with manslaughter instead of second-degree murder. The defense, Todd Clemons & Associates and the Johnson Firm, filed a motion in August 2014 to quash the second indictment — claiming that the District Attorney’s Office had reneged on an… Read More

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