Confession tossed in 1998 LC slaying (Dennis Bartie)

Our client, Dennis Bartie, is currently charged with Second Degree Murder in the accused killing of Rose Born in Lake Charles, LA in 1998. On March 22, 2018, the Third Circuit Court of Appeal ruled in favor of our client and ruled that the confession given to the Lake Charles Police Department by Mr. Bartie would be thrown out, and not allowed to be used by the State against our client. Third Circuit's Ruling stated, "Approximately 58 minutes into the video of defendant’s interrogation, he (Dennis Bartie) tells Capt. Eric Darling and Det. Dustin Gaudet that he is done talking, points to the waiver of rights form he had previously signed, and explicitly mentions his rights, at which point defendant crosses his arms and turns away from the detectives, clearly evidencing an intent to end questioning. Gaudet continues his interrogation less than 20 seconds later." Attorney Todd S. Clemons, whom is representing Mr. Bartie believes "the confession was clearly the strongest part of the State’s case, but we feel that it was a false confession." The case is currently awaiting trial, but our firm looks forward to zealously representing Mr. Bartie in the acquittal of the charge of Second Degree Murder.