Judge Recused from Case - Dennis Bartie

Dennis Bartie is charged with Second Degree Murder in the death of Rose Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 1998. Due to his blatant bias against Mr. Bartie, and clear favoritism towards the State, we filed a Motion to Recuse the Honorable Judge G. Michael Canaday from presiding over the case. The Honorable Judge Clayton Davis ruled in favor of Mr. Bartie and ordered that Judge Canaday should be recused. He ordered that the Clerk of Court randomly re-allot our case to another division of the 14th JDC. Ironically, the matter was re-allotted to Judge Davis.
The Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office then took a writ (appeal) to the Third Circuit Court of Appeal seeking to have Judge Davis’ decision reversed. After careful review and consideration, the Third Circuit denied the State’s writ application. Undeterred by the well supported decisions of the lower court and the appellate court, the D.A.’s Office next filed an application for a supervisory writ with the Louisiana Supreme Court. Their goal was to have the rulings of Judge Davis and the Third Circuit overturned. Last month the Louisiana Supreme Court denied the State’s supervisory writ application. We are extremely pleased with the Courts’ rulings and we know that our client will be afforded a fair and impartial judge moving forward. Dennis’ case is still in the pre-trial phase. We will continue to zealously represent him, along with The Johnson Firm, and look forward to the day he is acquitted of this meritless murder charge.