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K.P. Auto Sales, Inc. vs. ADG, LLC

In February 2005, ADG entered into a written agreement with K.P. Auto Sales to assign all of its rights and obligations under an already entered leased agreement for improvements on a property. As a part of that agreement KP Auto Sales was responsible for paying all real property taxes including assessments for local improvements, merchandise, inventory, fixtures, etc. As a result, KP Auto Sales paid all applicable taxes each year and, in turn, ADG agreed to reimburse KP Auto Sales for any credit received by ADG from the Louisiana Department of Revenue. In 2009, KP Auto Sales paid the applicable taxes for the year of 2008, for which ADG received a tax credit. Nonetheless, ADG breached the contract by failing to reimburse KP Auto Sales for its tax credit in the year of 2008. KP Auto Sales sent several amicable demand letters, to no avail. The law firm of Todd Clemons & Associates filed a Petition for Breach of Contract and Enrichment without Cause on behalf of KP Auto Sales. This matter was tried in January and February, 2017, and a judgment was ruled in favor of KP Auto Sales. ADG had to pay KP Auto Sales $46,533.00 with Judicial Interest.

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