On January of 2016 I was wrongly arrested and charged with false personation of a peace officer by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department. ... I was referred to Mr. Todd Clemons by a good friend of mine. Mr. Clemons came to see me at the jail on a Friday and by Thursday the next week I had a bond set and was released from jail, only because Mr. Clemons and his associates took action. Mr. Clemons pushed for a speedy trial and in September I went to court via trial by jury. Once the trial started and Mr. Clemons started questioning the sheriff's department staff, their case started to fall apart in front of the jury. Mr. Clemons studied and did his homework on my case and knew what way to approach my case. When he started questioning the prosecutors witnesses none of their stories were matching. When it came time for the Jury to deliberate it only took them 22 minutes to decide a verdict of not guilty. He is a beast in the courtroom. If you are ever in need of a good Defense I strongly suggest that you go to his office he is very knowledgeable and experienced.