I was 44 yrs. old, and had been in Angola (LA State Penitentiary) over 26 yrs (since the age of 17) when thru a friend Mr. Clemons was recommended to me.

The U.S. Supreme Court had ruled that juveniles are not allowed to be treated as adults. ... Thru his commitment to me, and his commitment to the law of our land, and the expressed legal ideas of justice in the Miller v. Alabama ruling, and his own tireless effort, we obtained justice.

Many times it is not enough to have the law on your side. Tragic, but true. You need a skilled attorney, someone to know, and understand the law. Someone to represent you justly & fairly. Mr. Clemons was just that man, and attorney. His knowledge and skill, gained from his vast experience ... gives him understanding that is lacking in most attorneys you can approach.

Mr. Clemons successfully gained justice for me and my family by properly negotiating a path forward. He filed a motion to allow me to withdraw my untimely, ill-advised plea of 1988 ... . Having served 27 yrs 5 months — I was released due to the new pleas Mr. Clemons negotiated for me. ...

Justice is priceless. So very valuable. So precious. There is no other choice for a skilled criminal defense attorney in southwest Louisiana. I have repeatedly recommended Mr. Clemons to many people. I know of his successes. The integrity of this man, and his unique skill and knowledge, it leaves no choice —

If you need a criminal defense attorney — you need Mr. Todd Clemons.